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A Very Small Sampling of the Feedback I’ve Received

Testimonials: Testimonials

Thanks so much for your excellent contribution to the conference.  I was very impressed with your deep intertextual understanding of Nietzsche.  Other Nietzsche scholars might also possess such understanding, but I have never heard them share it as you did so clearly.


Professor Kaye was the most inspirational professor I have ever had.  His class is not easy.  There are weekly quizzes and participation is necessary, but the wisdom you gain from his class is incredible.  He tells you it's not an easy A, but college shouldn't be about that, it should be about learning.  That's exactly what you'll do here, learn.

Former Student

I thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned more in this one semester than any class in my entire life to date.  Although I may have not been able to express it through my grades or discussions, you taught me to challenge myself, to try and view the world for what it is, and to question common views and what makes them 'common'.  For this, I am glad I chose this class and grateful having you as a teacher.  You opened up the world of philosophy to me, for, before your class, I was but a slave to my own ignorance, of my struggle to challenge myself and question things and of my reluctant attitude toward learning, for now I view knowledge not as a means to an end, but rather as a good in of itself.  Your class, and Philosophy in general has opened my eyes and has illuminated my life, and has showed me true happiness.  Now although the "overman" has never existed, I will work constant work toward that goal for my own self, without worry if I ever reach it, for if this world does indeed [turn out] to be pointless, I'll be content knowing I reached beyond being just good, and for that, I Thank You.

Former Student

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