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How long is each counseling session?

Each counseling session starts on the hour and lasts 55 minutes.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I do not use sliding scale rates at this time.

How do I pay for the session?

In order to book your counseling session on this site, you must pay with your credit card.  The transaction is handled through Wix Payments, which is the gold standard for secure money transactions.  Please go to Book Online in order to schedule and book your session.

Does philosophical counseling purport to treat any medical conditions?

No.  Philosophical counseling is, indeed, therapeutic, however, insofar as it is classified as an educational activity which treats, not necessarily the body, but, rather, the mind of the client in question.  If the client requires medical care, then philosophical counseling is inappropriate.  Please see the Informed Consent Form for more information.

Do philosophical counselors accept medical insurance?

No.  Philosophical counseling is not covered by medical insurance.

What are the terms and conditions of which I must be aware prior to our first session?

Please read the Informed Consent Form for all of the relevant terms and conditions.  You must acknowledge that you have read the Informed Consent Form prior to each session by checking a box that you agree suffices for your signature.

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